Star Knowledge Conference

Advanced energy healing courses from Colorado Star Knowledge speaker

Star Knowledge Conference

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I have been a speaker at the Star Knowledge Conference in Colorado for the last few years and it’s something I greatly enjoy.

You can watch the speech I did in 2014 here. (I’ll post the 2015 link when I receive it)

This year, I taught about several things:

1. GMO Clearing – We can shift the damage caused by GMO foods from our tissues. This information was so popular the year before, I had to repeat it this year.

Based on Quantum Physics, there’s a way to access the heart field through specific words that are like a magnified prayer.

What’s important about this is to let yourself feel from your heart whenever you use this technique because all healing is from the heart field connecting with the Creator.

This technique is called Cell Organ Regeneration. You can download my free ebook on GMO clearing here, but watch my website for upcoming workshops to learn it live.

2. Starseed DNA – Many of us are hybridized with Star DNA and it has been affecting the human body. Through my work with the Body Code and Emotion Code, I have found that we can carry traumatic emotions that are stored in our DNA and have to be cleared individually.

Those of us with this unique make up can get triggered emotionally by things that happen in our lives. We need to clear these traumatic emotions from our DNA in order to heal from the emotional triggers.

3. Zero Point of Ourselves – I’ve received information from my Star Teams on how to re-align, open, and harmonize our Chakra System as it was originally created to be.

It’s an easy way to be in complete alignment with the Creator and a place where we can easily make decisions and work on ourselves and our families without being governed by our emotional body.

These are just 3 of the advanced energy healing courses I teach to those who are ready to learn—through the Star Knowledge Conference meetings, in workshops, or in my exclusive apprenticeship program.

Want more info? Contact me at or 970-566-2402 with your questions.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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