Energy Healing, an Ancient Tradition

Cultures from across the globe have independently come up with their own energy healing traditions. Japan has Jin Shin Jyutsu, various Native American cultures have different forms of shamanism, Qigong (similar to Tai Chi) comes from China, Indian culture originated yoga. More recently, in the U.S. Healing Touch was created by a nurse familiar with these more ancient traditions. When considering nearly 5,000 years of history across the globe, it is interesting to note how many different peoples have all created these similar Energy Healing methods. One begins to wonder if there mightn’t be something to it. By Western medicine standards, energy healing sounds odd. But consider the collective wisdom of so many peoples. How could they all be wrong?

In actuality, they are not. Energy Healing is a powerful form of medicine that can transform health, ease pain, and erase old trauma. Why not try what thousands of others already know?

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