Easy Energy Healing Courses

new2More and more, I feel called to share my expertise, skills and knowledge in energy

healing courses. I’ve trained diligently for over 20 years. What I find more

challenging than healing, though, is creating easy energy healing courses for the

beginner. I’ve been taking apprentices, to work one-on-one with, at various levels to

help me take what I know back to basics.

The basics of energy continue to shift, however. Where once there were seven

chakras, now there are 12. So, what I’m learning, and where I’m asking for guidance

both from my guides and from you, is what are the basic energy healing courses that

will help you heal and manifest the life that you really want to live?

If you have any feedback about what kind of energy healing courses you’d like me to

offer, please email me at pat4bs@msn.com.

Image courtesy of NASA

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