distance healing

Does distance healing work as well as in person or hands on healing?

distance healing

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Energy healing work is unique in that it’s one of the few (or the only) modalities that works just as well from a distance as in person.

For instance, your doctor can’t take your temperature and examine you if you’re not physically together.

Your hair dresser can’t cut your hair if you aren’t there.

A waiter can’t bring food to you if you aren’t in his restaurant.

But a healer, well, that’s different. A healer can perform a distance healing session on you if you’re across the country the same as she can perform a hands on healing session if you’re on her massage table in her healing room.

Why? It’s because a healer works with energy—the light and information around you.

Energy is not bound by time, space, matter, or form. It’s not linear or confined or limited in any way. And we’re all connected at all times by everything in an energetic matrix.

So, I can reach out and adjust your light and information when we’re on the phone or Skype just as easily as I can if you were standing next to me.

All it takes is intention, consciousness, thought, and faith and it’s done. Healing can occur faster than thought. Isn’t that cool?

In addition, we don’t even have to be on the phone or Skype for you to have a healing session. After we make arrangements for your Quantum Energy session, I can prepare the healing for you to unfold at a time that is convenient for you so that you can receive it when you’re ready.

How does distance healing work?

We first discuss your needs and set a time for you to receive your healing, then the healing work is prepared for you, and finally sent to you energetically at the time you decide.

You sit back and receive the healing, balance, and wholeness that healing brings.

You can schedule a Quantum Energy Healing session whenever you’re ready—either in my office in Fort Collins or distance healing wherever you are.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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