Cosmic order of healers

Do you qualify to join the cosmic order of healers?

Cosmic order of healers

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The cosmic order of healers is now recruiting healers, light workers, starseeds, volunteers, and hybrid humans to help raise the vibration of human consciousness and heal the planet.

Any healing of people ripples out into healing for the planet.

Any healing of the planet ripples out into healing for the galaxy.

Any healing of the galaxy ripples out into healing for our cosmic brothers and sisters. And those galactic beings—ETs, angels, spirit guides, and other benevolent beings of light and love—turn around and assist the healers of the world to provide more healing.

Many people have already joined the order and begun shining their lights of love and compassion around the world.

Many have started learning about healing work and are passing healing to others through their work.

Many take part in global meditations and work to raise the group consciousness vibration.

How about you? Are you ready to join the order? Do you qualify?

There’s not really a formal “order” that you have to apply and be accepted into. But there is a huge movement of more and more people awakening and stepping up as healers, light workers, starseeds, and Earth helpers.

The planet needs all the assistance it can get.

Trained healers can provide a greater amount of assistance more quickly.

Advanced healers who are using consciousness and quantum technologies can provider deeper healing, cleaner frequencies, and lasting transformation.

As these are newer technologies, there aren’t many healers using them yet. I am one of the few who use and teach them.

I have 20+ years of Earth training in numerous healing modalities and lifetimes of Universe training from the Galactic Federation of Light including downloads of advanced healing methods from my ET guides.

I have put all of this together to develop a unique and exclusive healing technology called Alchemy Universal Therapies, and I am currently accepting a limited number of applications for my Level 1 Apprenticeship program.

If you truly desire to bring healing to the planet, then arm yourself with the most powerful, transformational tools out there so that you can make the biggest impact possible.

Applications will only be accepted for a short time. Contact me at or 970-566-2402 for more information.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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