Distance Healing How To’s

Did you think you were out of luck because you don’t live within driving distance to Pat Forbes, Energy Healer/ET Healer? Not so!

“There is no time or distance in energy,” explains Pat. She sometimes prefers to use distance healing because she can actually reach inside the spiritual copy of you that she works with.

To prepare for a Distance Healing, Pat first needs to get you scheduled and at least email with her about your issues. Payment also needs to be arranged.

Then, prepare a quiet, sacred space. It can be a bed, chair, recliner or quiet space where you can rest. Bless two big glasses of water to drink before and after. Turn off the phone. Pat says, “Have this quiet time for this work to be done as if you were coming to my office. I do feel you and your density. I can see you.”

Make time to receive this gift. Contact Pat today.

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