Distance Healing is Better Than in Person

When you receive an in-person energy healing, there is no doubt that your healer is focused on you because you can see it happening. However, when Pat Forbes, Distance Healer and Energy Healer, works with a client who is miles away, she says she can actually get deeper into the healing.

“There is no time or space with energy healing,” she says. “When a person is receiving a distance healing, I still go to my healing room and summon our guides. I can see the spirits involved there in the room with me. And I can see and feel the density of my clients on my table. A copy of their spirit body lays down there with me. I can actually reach into their ethereal body to get right at the liver or kidneys or whatever the trouble spot is.”

As a recipient of a distance healing, your job is to coordinate a time and safe space to lay down while Pat is doing the work. If the time zones aren’t in your favor, no problem. The healing can be pre-programmed and set to download to you at a time you specify. Wherever you are, Pat can help.

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