Starseed healers

Discovery of Starseed healers in Colorado

Starseed healers

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I have Celtic and Cherokee heritage. I also have ET DNA which was spliced in by beings from the Galactic Federation of Light in utero.

I am one of thousands of volunteer souls who have had lifetimes in other dimensions and Universes, and have experienced extraterrestrial incarnations as well.

Here’s some news: you may have too. If your Soul can incarnate into human form on Earth, why couldn’t it also have incarnated elsewhere as an intergalactic being?

It can and it’s possible that it has.

In my case, my ET healing team has shown me my own inception as a Starseed healer or Earth-ET volunteer, spliced into the single human cell in utero.

During the conception of this Earth incarnation I experienced a transference of genetic memory encoded in my ET DNA of the traumatic and terror-inducing events that happened from the other star systems, including the Intergalactic Electric Wars.

It has taken a tremendous amount of assistance to clear these traumas on a cellular level. I’ve had to call in special guides, ET healers, and intergalactic beings from light years away in order to begin to peel back the layers of lifetimes of traumas from other galaxies.

This is allowing me to pursue my calling as a healer and light bringer, a volunteer for the Galactic Federation of Light to heal the Earth.

Since my own origin has come to light, I’ve been told there are many people like me, and I’ve started meeting them in places like the Star Knowledge Conference in Colorado and as my clients. There are thousands of us here.

One of my specialties is to heal and assist other Starseed healers in recalibrating to the Earth environment and eliminating the effects of trauma caused by not only the Intergalactic Electric Wars, but other star system’s traumatic events (perhaps a planetary explosion or implosion) that has been encoded into our ET DNA.

If you have wondered why you feel so different and don’t fit it, or have strange problems or sensitivities that you can’t explain or heal, you may be one of the Starseed healers.

I can help you understand your Earth-ET origin, learn to serve your purpose, acclimate your ET DNA to your human body, heal traumatic cellular memories and help you find your tribe of others like you.

Schedule a Starseed session now or contact me at or 970-566-2402 for more information.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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