Defeating Evil with energy healing

Today is an anniversary few Americans like to recall.

September 11.

Just the words bring to mind a crack in the shield of security and safety for so many. Seldom have such a handful of evil characters wreaked so much havoc. So much damage.

Memories like these make us want to avoid the darkness as much as possible. Those are the times when we lovers of light and peace want to react by filling the world with more light. More love. More peace.

If you have been considering an energy healing workshop, consider that a tool like Harmonics of Transformation is a powerful weapon against darkness and misunderstanding. Pat’s unique modality, Harmonics of Transformation, teaches you to return to your own original blueprint – the plan that you & God agreed upon is Perfect in Light & Information. She says, “Once we take on the physical body, we are subject to the events that happen around us, which put the human form into a state of decay more often than regeneration.”

Shine some light into the world on this dark day. Check the workshop schedule for more upcoming workshop dates.


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