Curse Removal from a Medical Intuitive

As a Medical Intuitive, Pat Forbes has the ability to see far beyond the current reality. This is part of her Clairvoyance, and it often visits her with visions about the damage that has been done to humans.

She tells the story of curses and how they came to be:

“Curses come from the Catholic Church at its very beginning when it combined with the Reptilian Empire called State.

“When church and state combined, they created a hologram of a curse that they use every time they bless somebody. In a vision, I saw the patterns on the ends of these crosses with the hologram at the bottom. Whenever they would bless somebody, this curse would go through to that person. That’s true for blessings, sacraments, and other rituals. I saw how it affected the early church members. Their DNA and blood turned black. Their DNA started changing.”

Pat says all those ancestral lines still carry the curses. This is the reason we see so much victimization and fear on on this planet. In the same series of visions, Pat was shown how to remove curses, which she does for clients who ask.

Release yourself. Contact Pat today.

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