Crisis Distance Healing

Sometimes Pat Forbes, Distance Healer and Energy Healer, is working with people who are very, very sick. Here, she relates the story of working on a friend.

“He was going through a healing crisis, changing his entire life. With that decision, his body started shutting down and could have died. One night he was in so much pain, he checked into the hospital. That same night, I got woken up in middle of the night, told to go to my room, and work on my friend.”

So at 1:00 a.m. Pat set up for a Distance Healing session in her healing room. She visualized her friend there on her table. She says his kidneys and liver were growing dark. She reached through his virtual body to direct energy to his kidneys, heart, liver and pancreas. Using help from the ETs, work progressed. Pat describes the medicines the ETs bring as being delivered in IV bags that come from the sky and plug into the trouble spots. “The IVs came in and went to his specific organs,” describes Pat. The medicines look like a miraculous golden liquid. By morning, her friend walked out the hospital door with the ET IVs still attached.

I was one of the many that helped him. But we credit the Distance Healing and Energy Healing as a big part of what saved him. He’s doing great now.

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