energy healing for headaches

Colorado Master Healer uses energy healing techniques for headaches

energy healing for headaches

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Some people think that energy healing techniques are simply for spiritual purposes. Some people think they’re for physical problems. Others think they are only for relaxation.

They’re all right.

Energy healing works to bring mind, body, spirit & Soul back into wholeness and balance so that they body can heal itself, the mind can shift into an abundance mindset, the spirit is free to express your truth and the Soul has no barriers to serving its purpose.

In plain english that means that energy healing is good, in some way, for everything.

One thing that I see a lot of in my clients is headaches. Headaches can happen for many reasons:

• You get overwhelmed by the energies of others.
• You are sensitive to EMFs, cell phones, or WiFi.
• You have food or GMO sensitivities.
• You had a past life trauma involving your head.
• An ancestor had a disease or illness that has carried forward through your lineage.
• You have a curse on yourself, your family, or your family lines.
• You are blocking information you are receiving.
• You are experiencing energy for which your body is not yet calibrated to process.
• You have Star DNA that is holding galactic trauma.
• You have a disease or have experienced a trauma or injury to your head in your current lifetime.

Before applying energy healing to a headache, I first have to determine its cause and the appropriate technique to use to treat it because I want to clear the problem causing the headaches, not just clear the current headache (although I will do that too).

Once I have been shown the origin of the headaches and the needed healing technique, I will call in the appropriate Divine helpers to eliminate or clear the cause, then bring your healthy, original blueprint forward to you in the “now” which clears up any residual headache.

Do you need help with recurring headaches? Schedule your customized healing session in-person in Colorado or via phone/Skype now.

With the Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude,
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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