Clear the clipboard, Distance healing with Pat

I have always wondered why we are left with scar tissue. Why don’t we heal back to our original blueprint when we have an injury or trauma?  If a starfish or a crab can grow back a severed leg,  or a salamander can grow back a tail, why can’t we? What happened that we are unable to do this?  Perhaps someone once said that it was impossible and it was believed.

Now I know differently. I have been to too many conferences and workshops where I have learned that anything is possible through intention, faith, and trust.

I have always visualized my clients as complete, whole, perfect beings. They come to my office or call me on the phone with a list of physical, mental and emotional problems.  I listen to them and notice what is fueling it. Then I gather the information and put it into one place – maybe a “bubble” or a “clipboard” – where I notice it moving into various patterns. There are several techniques that may show up.  Each person is different.  I then ignore the information and work with the client as a complete, whole perfect being to assist them in realizing and becoming who the creator and he or she decides to be. I then observe how the “clipboard” clears itself.

Call me. Let’s clear your clipboard. Sessions are available in person or via distance healing.

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