A Childhood with ET Healing

Pat Forbes grew up in southern Colorado on a ranch. Those more open skies and less populated lands are frequent sites for odd, unexplained happenings. So, Pat says, she found it perfectly normal to have memories of insect-shaped Extra Terrestrials. She grew up knowing she had been on their ships. She remembers being a student, sitting at a desk and learning classroom-style for these large, green beings. “I remember watching all their praying mantis arms pointing to charts and books. I don’t remember now what they taught me, but every once in a while when I’m working on people, I do feel them or see them either in the room or outside above in a ship.”

Pat says their presence in her life is all beneficial. “They want humans and planet Earth to heal and evolve.” And, it seems, they have chosen Pat as one who might be able to translate that message for the rest of us.

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