Cellular Organ Regeneration, A Most Potent Form of Energy Healing

Pat Forbes uses Cellular Organ Regeneration along side Matrix Energetics as two of her most powerful energy healing tools in her toolbox. The two both facilitate a time travel of sort, in which Pat can see how your body was before an injury or illness. She can “borrow” that original blueprint and bring it forward to now.

It was Cellular Organ Regeneration that Pat was using during the most providential healing experience she has seen to date. A client with kidney stones was in the hospital, in excruciating pain with hundreds of stones evident on x-ray films. Pat and a colleague, Bina Mehta, worked on him together using both Organ Regeneration and Universal White Time Healing techniques. The next day, x-rays showed that all the kidney stones had disappeared. The gentleman was discharged from the hospital without the previously scheduled surgery. He was pain free, and the stones did not return.

See what miracles are available to you through Energy Healing today.

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