If You Can Think It… Distance Healing

One of Pat’s favorite and most powerful modalities is Matrix Energetics, a system of transformation. In lectures from its founder, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Pat remembers him saying, “I don’t fix anything. If I think it, it happens. I can reach my hand out through different dimensions.”

That is how she explains the phenomena of Distance Healing. Because all the knowledge and information of the world is available through a higher consciousness. She can find you, and she can find the information your body needs to heal. Pat is quick to add that she’s only serving as a conduit for the healing that is coming from higher-dimensional beings (ETs, angels, spirits) who want to bring you peace and health.

Pat says sometimes it happens so fast, she doesn’t hear words for what is happening, just visions. The healing looks to her like swirling balls of color, which she sort of grabs and places where they need to go. Then she can sometimes see codes or equations of healing streaming into her clients and swirling down into their DNA.

“All the beings are helping with it, I can’t keep track of it. I can watch, don’t have the words for exactly what they’re doing, but usually it’s coming from an ET being.”

All of this is available both in person and through long distances. If you can think it, you can realize it. Contact Pat today for your own healing.

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