Brain Traffic and Spiritual Healing

Do you lay in bed at night churning and stirring your worries around and around? Does it seem like any quiet moment is a chance for you fears and regrets to jump up and grab you? First, you are not alone. That hamster-wheel brain thing is incredibly common. Second, it doesn’t have to be this way. Start with a deep breath. Then another. Say to yourself, “I am worrying about ________.” Notice this thought, but then let it drift away without judgement or shame. Sometimes just acknowledging what is happening in your head is freeing enough.

To build on those skills and expand your sense of calm, consider scheduling a session with Pat. She can tune in to the energetics of what is ailing you. Sometimes she can clear it. Other times, she can give you exercises that will expand your spiritual wellness and facilitate your own healing.

Contact her through email or make an appointment on her schedule.

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