How Do You Become A Healer? Be Open to Signs.

450x450_q95Much of the talent of a healer is the ability to “read” the Universe. The Universe is always sending us messages, signs and echoes. When you ask a question the answers come in various ways. Sometimes pulling you toward something, sometimes pushing you away.

Surely you’ve experienced “phenomenal” or “impossible” things. These might be leading you to the answer to the question, how do you become a healer?

I started my journey as a healer with massage therapy school. Of course I’ve had a natural gift since childhood, but formal training occurred with massage therapy. From there I began to take energy healing courses and train in modalities from Matrix Energetics to Emotion Code and Universal White Time Healing.

Before developing my unique modality, Alchemy Universal Therapies, I was given confirmation signs. I had an hypnosis experience which helped me see that I have ET DNA, which came with more enhanced healing energy techniques and power. A Soul Portrait artist painted my face green, with alien features. Finally, I was shown a vision by my ET Spiritual Guides that ET DNA had been inserted into my first single human cell in utero, giving me a mixed heritage of ET and human DNA, further enhancing my healing skills even more and giving me a renewed sense of purpose and identity.

Heed the signs, be open to them, accept them and accept who you really are.

If you have a similar story I’d love to hear from you, contact me at

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