How to Become A Healer: Level 1 Certification

5425744348_62fe91893f_bAlchemy Universal Therapies is offering an exclusive Apprenticeship program. This is one-on-one conscious energy healing courses which will teach you about conscious energy healing techniques using Universal Light and Information, how to increase psychic healing power, how to access and tap into the Matrix allowing Time Travel and cell-deep organ regeneration techniques.

Essentially this healing modality allows you to time travel back or bi-locate to the origination of an injury, belief or dis-ease and prevent it from occurring. By visiting the past, present or future, a space where there is no time, Pat and her students are able to heal people on a cellular DNA level providing the most comprehensive and long-lasting results. If you’re interested in learning these hands on healing techniques contact Pat for a discussion about whether Alchemy Universal Therapies Certification is right for you.

Image by Seth A Dennon,

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