How to Become A Healer: Do You Have ET Origins

15374156075_afcd03313c_bOften those who are interested in how to become a healer have ET origins. It’s fascinating because I can see so obviously who is, and who isn’t, ET. There are certain facial features that can be identified based on which planet or Universe a person is from: Arcturians, Antarians, Pleiadians and Sirians from Sirius B, and Andromedan. Often people are a mixture of several different ET cultures or races. This is intentional, helping to ensure cosmic brotherhood, keeping the entire galaxy safer.

If you have always been a “different” thinker, perhaps a psychic healer or have had a difficult time with social norms, you might have ET DNA. Often those with DNA feel “different” or really understand that they don’t “fit in.” They may have a different sensory experience than those with strictly human DNA. While these ETs or ET/Human “people” go about living “normal” lives, many only find satisfaction when they understand their true origins and begin to live their cosmic purpose, which is to heal Earth and its people.

If you suspect this might be you, please feel free to reach out for support at

Image by Seth A Dennon,

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