How to Become A Healer: ET Healing Techniques

5377913156_8f1205df75_tHave you wondered how to become a healer while learning ET healing techniques? While there are many ETs walking among humans—and you may be one of them—both humans and ETs can have access to ET spiritual guides who can assist with energy healing. The ETs who are called to assist healers volunteer to do so because they understand that what happens to humans on Earth impacts the entire galaxy.

Often humans don’t quite grasp that everything and everyone is connected throughout all Universes and Galaxies. Many benevolent beings of 100% Light and Love with the Galactic Federation of Light have come to Earth, as a mixture of ET/Human DNA or ETs posing as Humans, or simply assisting Human healers to share energy healing techniques. They do so not only for the betterment of mankind. They do so for the survival of the entire galaxy.

Image by Seth A Dennon,

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