How to Become A Healer with ET-Assistance

4647244876_50acca730f_bETs, or extraterrestrials, which I work with are on Earth benevolently helping to heal the planet. These beings of the Galactic Federation of Light are 100% Light and Love, wanting only the best for Earthlings.

Some may not know it, but ETs walk among us, masked as humans. Often these beings become healers by profession, which is why they have volunteered to leave their own planets of origin to help Earth find its way to Light and Love.

I am one such healer. I have a mixed heritage of both ET DNA and Human DNA with a Cherokee background. I have been shown in a vision that I was “spliced in” in utero, to the single human cell before the first cell division. During this vision I saw the syringe as it entered the cell, mixing ET and human DNA together.

This is one of the reasons I have been shown so many different energy healing techniques that I now teach my students.

Do you feel that you would benefit from learning more about how to become an ET-assisted healer? If you’re curious or want to know more details about what might be your true origin please contact me at for more information about Alchemy Universal Therapies Apprenticeship Level 1 Certification.

Image by Seth A Dennon,

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