How to Become A Healer: Called & Trained

450x450_q95-1Often when people ask how to become a healer, I consider a few things, including … have they been called and are they willing to be trained? Both are necessary to become an effective psychic healer or a hands on healer. Or a conscious healer utilizing Universal Light and Information in the realm of unlimited possibilities.

When you’re called to be a healer you always have a sense that it’s your purpose. It’s as if the Universe is “calling” you to this path. At first you might find yourself healing people as if by accident, using your natural abilities to manipulate energy to heal your baby’s ear infection, for instance. You might find yourself reaching out to God or communicating with Spiritual Guides or using your knowing to predict events or manifest things.

Usually you can’t resist the pull.

However, true healers seek masters to teach them practical and enhanced energy healing techniques. After all, a writer doesn’t become exceptional until they’ve put in many years of practice. A prodigy doesn’t play Carnegie Hall until they’ve been trained by the best musicians and put in extensive practice hours. It’s the 10,000 hour rule. People are born with natural gifts and talents, but until they put in the 10,000 hours it takes to reach excellence they don’t become masters of anything.

Have you been called? Have you been trained?

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