How to Become A Healer: The Andromeda Galaxy

andromeda-11004_640You may be wondering how to become a healer. My story is a little different than most … she is Arcturian, Antarian, Pleiadian and Sirian from Sirius B ET DNA “spliced in” to the single cell human before the first split. This is somewhat unusual. But, even among those who share ET DNA it’s very different to have Andromedan DNA, which I have.

I have asked why I was given this additional genetic material and was shown that it allows me to travel easier through the Star Gates to outside of this Galaxy. When I do this, during meditative states and Soul naps, I often get new information that I use—and then teach my students—in my Alchemy Universal Therapies healing modality.

My enhanced healing abilities allow me to do distance healing to anywhere on Earth, and also across time and across galaxies. Not everyone can do this, but there are certain gifted people, sometimes those who share ET heritage, sometimes humans who have Intergalactic access, who can learn to do it and use it to help others. Contact me if you want to discuss how to become a healer more,

Image by NASA

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