Balance – Advice from a Medical Intuitive

In our culture we tend to separate out various types of wellness. Physical wellness is for the gym and the doctor’s office. Mental wellness is for the psychologist’s couch. And spirituality happens only on Sundays at church.

This is backwards and part of the reason so many of us are fractured. Ideally, all three should be integrated all the time. One depends on the others. All three bodies, physical, spiritual, and mental, work in tandem and should be integrated.

Modern medical science isn’t set up to support spiritual healing. But a Spiritual Healer/Medical Intuitive with shamanic training is. (Hint, hint, guess who that could be?)

Pat Forbes has spent years learning from shamans and healers. Add that knowledge to the visions she has been gifted from angels and ETs, and what you get is a truly gifted woman who can lead you to a more balanced and peaceful existence.

Contact her for more information.

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