Why Alchemy Universal Therapy? ET healing for everyday people

One meaning of Alchemy is the blend of various exotic ingredients or elements together in the pursuit of something special. Pat strives for the exact blend of healing that is most potent for her clients. She says, “You add a little bit of this, a little bit of that and look what you get. When I work, ET healing comes in from above. Together, we infuse energy with light and end up with something indescribable. It’s a beautiful form of healing that comes from the Universe.”

In learning and training Pat realized that, for her, higher-dimensional beings were indeed encouraging her to incorporate healing from above. Extra terrestrials or ETs sometimes guide her hands or words leading to the most potent form of healing for her clients. Thus, her brand of healing is quite potent indeed.

That is the reason Pat named her business Alchemy Universal Therapy.

Won’t you try this gift from above? Schedule an ET Healing session with Pat today.

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