Alchemy Universal Therapies Constantly Evolves as a Energy Healing Modality

new16Over the last 20 years, my own energy healing techniques, Alchemy Universal Therapies, have been changing over time with experience, and also with new Information and Light Technologies being downloaded to me with ET assistance.

In fact, my own energy healing techniques are evolving so quickly now that it’s practically on a daily basis that I am being downloaded new Information and Light which expand the quantum consciousness technologies that get to the core of the problem and really heal my clients.

I believe this is because I have become more open to my identity as a ET/Human hybrid, having had ET genetic material spliced into my human single cell DNA in utero. Once I began to accept my true nature and my true origin my ET assistants, guides and helpers began downloading Information and Light and new quantum technologies and energy healing techniques into my knowledge and skill centers at such a rapid pace that there is tangible evolution of this modality on a daily basis.

The result is increased speed and power of healing for my clients that are ready to accept it and the change that will come into their lives. It has also resulted in increased knowledge to pass on to my students.

Image courtesy of NASA

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