Adolf Hitler and George Bush are Reptilian Draconian DNA, We Need Healers

pic14Politics is a hotbed of negative energy. This is not something I’m saying just because things get nasty and compromise can’t be made and we’re depleting the planet of resources. All of those things are bad enough, but there is more sinister forces at play.

There are literally ETs who have dark intentions for Earth who have been controlling much of the political world. Draconians are a dark species of ET, as are the Reptilians, who feed off of anger, conflict, fear and chaos. To feed on it they cause it.

The Draconians were gaining power and winning until the last several years. Adolf Hitler, the Bushes, Dick Chaney and Queen Elizabeth to name a few have Draconian DNA. They are motivated by power and control and their methods deplete resources and destroy peace intentionally to create the chaotic conflicted energy that feeds them.

There isn’t necessarily one party, or one ideology that Draconians use to dominate the world and destroy our economy and the Earth. But I can see their Draco/Reptile nature and observe their dark intentions. As you view these and others not only political, but also other public figures, take a moment and look into their eyes. Sometimes you can see them shift into their original soul state.

Healers like us, like myself and my apprentices, must save the world from this kind of disastrous politics by bringing more light into LIGHT the darkness.

Image by Seth A Dennon

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