Divine portal of abundance

Activating the divine portal for healers

Divine portal of abundance

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I have been taking groups of brave spiritual travelers through the Divine Portals of the Universe this year.

These are 11 day journeys through the Divine Portals that activate our happiness magnetism and bring us out the other side into greater abundance.

My clients have been having great results from traversing the portals with me.

Jen said:

“When you saw our ancestors coming to us for healing, I saw my great grandparents on my grandmother’s side.

They were standing together, sort of like dolls, completely inanimate and in black and white. I saw a giant skeleton key plugged into the front and middle of them. I turned it. They turned to full color and a fountain of money started flowing up from behind them.

I could see money flowing from them to my grandmother, then to my parents, aunts, uncles and all of their children. It was just flowing and available to everyone.”

Laura reported back:

“What a ride! I started out at the head of the pack, but as we hit the meadow everyone was doing their own thing—there was no longer any front or back—we were all having our own adventures.

The twirling bucket was fun—we would end up flying in and coming out at a crazy angle as it spun while we were in it.

This one has brought up some fears and beliefs that I would like to work on until everything feels easy, effortless, and truly deserved. Thank you so much for doing this work for us!”

These are only 2 of many people who have experienced greater abundance, healing, breakthroughs, releasing of fears, and so much more.

I am thrilled and grateful for the transformations and experiences people have been having.

Healers, this is truly a journey that can stretch your psychic healing muscles and advance your healing skills.

If you want to take your clients to deeper levels of wholeness and balance, I strongly suggest you take a journey through the Divine Portal with me.

For more info, click here.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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