Activating DNA Codes of Abundance

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Law of Attraction Meditation–Activating Codes of Abundance

You may be having great experiences or you might be having a rough time emotionally. What we are doing is clearing old programs, which in turn clears and heals old DNA patterns, to allow you to vibrate at a more pure level. This is a cleaner vibration, it is stronger, capable of holding the same without being pulled into other drama that pulls you off of your path and whatever it is that you are working toward. This kind of deep, DNA-level change, can feel intense, scary or uncomfortable at first. Make sure to be gentle with yourself and allow time to get used to the new vibration.

Today we are going to mount up on our wonderful Avatars, mine of course being my Iridescent Purple Dragon. We will line up side by side in this Portal where we will all move ahead at an equal pace for the moment. Let’s start by walking or flying slowly forward down into the depths of this swirling energy.

The first thing we come to is a huge complete Portal-sized Rainbow waterfall. It has come to the attention of our guides that you need a boost in that will make clearing easier, gentler, and more thorough for you to reach the next level. Allow yourself to feel the new colors flowing in to fill each cell and in the spaces between each cell with the new. Let the liquids in your body also take in the rainbow of newness. Breathe in this rainbow of colored energy. Let it permeate every single bit of you. Give yourself a moment to integrate this.

Now we are ready to move to the next level of the Divine Money Portal. Put your backpack on and mount your Avatar.

This is an excerpt of the start of month five of my 12-month Divine Money Portal Activation Law of Attraction meditation series. Join me on this ride as it will take you into other realms and resolve your money and abundance issues through all time and space.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

“The backpack with money was really interesting.  There was no problem allowing it to fill with money, but when I tried to put it into my bank account I at first encountered fear, as if this was ‘wrong’ in the sense that I was undeserving.  I just kept at it–flying around and through the various obstacles, skimming bills from the surface of a lake straight into my backpack and siphoning it into my bank account.  Some of it flew off and didn’t make it to my account, but eventually the fear lessened, and I had to smile as I realized that the more I have, the more there is and the more that others have. The money I received was multiplied so there ended up being more than what was there when I started.  Such abundance, and so available to all! Thank you so much for doing this work for us!”