activate your life

Activate your life with hands on healing through the divine portals of the Universe

activate your life

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I created the Divine Portal Activations because I was seeing a need for people to learn how to break free from their fears and old patterns, heal and recalibrate their DNA, learn to use consciousness to manifest what they want, and activate their lives.

The first journey through the Divine Portal of Abundance was so well-received that I knew I needed to continue the journeys each month in order to empower people to take responsibility for their own healing.

To journey through a Divine Portal (I’ll guide you) you’ll select an avatar on which to ride or fly through the portal, and you’ll have your hands on healing team of spirit guides, angels, and ET assistants with you at all times.

You’ll learn how to visualize where you’re stuck and to face your fears so that you can break free from them. They’re holding you back from the abundance and joy you deserve and want.

You’ll also learn how to enter the flow of divine light and information—the stream of abundance—whether the portal is about relationships, love, money, health, connection with the Divine, chakra systems, or something else. It’s in this energy that you can manifest whatever you so desire into your life.

Each journey through one of the Divine Portals of the Universe is 11 days long.

Every day during the journey, at 11:11pm mountain time I’ll sit in a spiritually activated state, travel deeper into the portal activating our collective energies and feel into what needs to be released and embraced.

I will channel the experience for the group and send you a daily email sharing the light and information that is downloaded to me during these spiritual energy sessions providing you with daily guidance, instructions, and blessings for your activation.

Be open to receiving the experience. You can take a meditative moment when you read your daily email to follow the instructions and sink into the experience in order to heal yourself and harmonize with the abundance that’s being offered to you.

If you would like to join my brave spiritual travelers, you have 3 options:

1. Pay in full for the rest of the year and get One Month Free, $110. Click here.
2. Pay monthly for the entire year at $11 per month. Click here.
3. Purchase only the next month for $11. Click here.

When you purchase, remember to include your name and email address in the special notes section at checkout, or email them to me at

These journeys make great gifts for those who share your lives. You will want to make these special journeys together so your vibration continues to be a match.

See you in the Divine Portal!

The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!

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