4 signs you're a healer

4 Signs that you already know how to become a healer

4 signs you're a healer

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When you find the “thing”—your Soul purpose—you know it. It’s unmistakable. Ok, sometimes you aren’t sure at first, but stick with it and you will quickly develop a knowing that it’s the thing you’re supposed to do. Better yet, try as hard as you can NOT to do it and see what happens. If it’s truly your purpose, you won’t be able to avoid it.

If your Soul purpose is to be a healer, you’ll experience 1 (or more) of these 4 signs:

(1) You have a natural gift of some sort to heal people—either by laying hands on them, being near them, or just knowing what they need to feel better.
(2) You’re visited by ETs, Spirit Guides, Light beings or Angels who assist or guide you in the work you’re doing to help others.
(3) You feel compelled to help humanity or the planet. You can’t help but doing work to raise the vibration of people everywhere or help heal the Earth. You might not know that’s what you’re doing, but you feel compelled to do something for the highest good of all.
(4) You’re obsessed with learning about angels, guides, spirits, ETs, etc.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, then there’s no denying it—you’re a healer. Go ahead and call yourself one. It’s only a label—a term that helps us in our third dimensional minds to understand your role and what you’re here to do. Don’t be intimidated by being called a healer. It sounds like it’s a big deal, but it’s no different than being called a doctor or lawyer or janitor.

If you’re already doing these things, then you don’t need to learn how to become a healer. You already know.

What you might need is help understanding your gifts, how to enhance them, and how to best put them to use in the world. I can help you with that. Contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402 to learn more about your gifts.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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