healers have a big job

#1 reason that healers have such a big job

healers have a big job

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There are many important professions on the planet:
• doctors and nurses to care for the sick
• scientists who create new technology and discover cures for diseases
• teachers who educate our next generations
• law enforcement officials who keep us safe
• and so many more

But I have found there’s a special group of professionals who have a huge planetary responsibility: healers. And by healers, I mean spiritual healers.

On the surface, it looks like healers have jobs just like anyone else, but it goes much deeper than what you see. Healers have a big job.

When a healer conducts healing sessions, what you, the client, experience is a release of old, stuck issues, feelings of lightness, increased joy and often times tangible things like weight loss or an increase of money flowing into your life.

But no matter what the issue is that’s worked on, and no matter the outcome, there’s one basic commonality between all healing sessions.

What the healer is really doing for you is raising your vibration. The higher vibration you have, the more health, harmony, and abundance you experience. The higher your vibration, the more your life seems to easily flow.

On a global scale, the higher the vibration is of humans (and other planetary beings living on the Earth) the higher the vibration of the whole planet.

As the planet’s vibration rises, the levels of crime, poverty, and illness go down. Our global consciousness goes up. We unite as a species in the Truth of who we are.

That’s what I strive for in my work and it’s a big job.

That’s why it’s part of my purpose to train and prepare other healers who show promise. The planet is in great need of trained healers to raise its vibration and the global consciousness.

To see if you qualify for my year long intensive apprenticeship, please send an application request to Pat4bs@msn.com or call me at 970-566-2402.

With Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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